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Live Footy is available throughout the week on Live Sport Network. With over 50,000 active members we are the number one network for live footy online. One of the main reasons for this is our membership options starting at just £9.99 (approx $15) for one year for coverage of over 300 games a month!.


Devotees watch their favourite live footy or football in one of two ways. The first is the obvious one; live in the stadium standing among fellow fans cheering on their favourite team. The other is the more common one and is chosen by the majority who can't make it to the stadium - from their couch at home. Watching live footy from the comfort of your own home with your friends is a celebration of its own. Catching any live match that you want is a great addition to sports coverage on the internet.

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Sport channels nowadays offer their live broadcasts through the internet as it offers cheap and easy broadcasting. Watching live footy on the internet is also a great idea as the resolution of video and sound quality today is almost as good as conventional television. Internet “television” also offers mobility, allowing users the opportunity to watch these live games over their portable devices which can be used at home, during travel or at work. Devices such as iPods, play station portables, PDAs and laptops are key to watching live footy while on the move. With the advancement of technology, you can watch these games immediately without a delay of any sort and with streaming as good as it is nowadays, without any interruptions.


Watching European footy live or any other match from across the globe is much easier with live footy websites such as Live Sport Network, appearing. If you are abroad and stuck in a place where matches from back home are not broadcast, live footy on the internet is definitely the way to go.

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Live footy matches come with quite a few privileges. Personal entertainment within the comfort of your home just got better as you can, via your computer, connect to your widescreen television or home theatre system, giving you a live footy experience to remember.


But when trying to work out what to watch and which site to watch live footy on, make sure you make a wise choice. You need to check that the site in question delivers both video and audio as there is certainly no fun in watching a game without the sound effects. Commentary is another thing that needs to be looked at – no match is complete without the endearing tones of John Motson to keep you entertained! Also be sure that if you have to enter personal information such as credit card numbers, they are kept safe and secure by the online service you choose. Live Sport Network has over 35,000 members and uses secure payment processors to collect subscription fees.

Live Football Online

In addidion to live footy channels we also get you access to other sports coverage such as rugby, cricket or horse racing. You may be able to watch previews for upcoming coverage but at the end of the day nothing quite beats watching live footy!


Live footy on the internet isn’t as complex as some people like to think it is and for the most part, peer to peer technology is responsible for this amazing technological breakthrough. Quality of streaming is almost, if not as good as a standard television channel but the best thing about it is that you can watch these games from literally anywhere. You don’t have to be around your television set to watch live footy now; Liverpool, Arsenal, Chelsea or Man U are just a mouse-click away when you decide to watch it via the internet.

Live Footy Online

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